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Religion for Atheists

In February 2010, Tom Greenall and Jordan Hodgson were commissioned by the writer and philosopher Alain de Botton to collaborate on a new book entitled �Religion for Atheists: A Non-believers Guide to the Uses of Religion�.

Contained within each chapter of the book are a number of micro projects realised through illustration and renderings, but examined in surprising detail through conversations with the author and through producing numerous iterations of each vision.

�The premise of Religion for Atheists is that one can be a non-believer and nevertheless find religions sporadically useful, interesting and consoling � and be curious to the possibilities of importing certain of their ideas and rituals into the modern-day secular realm.�

Temple to Perspective
Standing 46-metres tall and in the heart of the City of London, the Temple represents the entire history of life on Earth. Each centimetre of its height equates to one million years of life, with a single band of gold - one meter from the gound and no more than a millimetre thick - representing the entire existence of humankind. Inscribed into the exterior of the Temple is an interpretation of the human genome sequence.  - a celebration of one of humankind�s greatest achievements, while simultaneously a reminder of our fragility. A visit to the temple is intended to leave one with a renewed sense of perspective.

[Not all images shown here made it into the final book]
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